About Us


Midwest Outdoor Marketing was created in 1986 by Dennis Spaulding and Tom Anderson, combining over 50 years of marine industry experience. Their goal was to create an effective, efficient and productive means for manufacturers to reach the marketplace. Tom retired in 1995 and Jim Hannan joined Dennis in partnership as vice president. Dennis retired from the business in 2012 and Jim took the helm.

For our first twenty years, we served and dedicated our entire effort to one industry, the Marine Industry. While remaining committed to the Marine Industry we felt that the time was right to broaden our scope and so in 2005, we began serving the Trailer Industry and the Fire/Rescue Industry. We feel these industries fit well together and the diversification ultimately makes M.O.M. stronger and more effective.

We feel it is important to add to the equation between the factory and the customer by:

  • Tracking sales using state of the art software from dynaMACS
  • Providing dealer service and education
  • Participating in consumer shows
  • Maintaining the desire and ability to make professional, quality presentations on every call